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Welcome to Mindbourne Past Exam Papers

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Our portal offers the following services.

• Structured database of Official (DBE/IEB/Provincial/School) Past Exam Papers for convenience all in one place. Continuously updated with most recently available Past Papers.
• Filters and search functionalities to search by paper/year/topic/cognitive level to make exam preparation customisable to the learner’s need.
Mindbourne-style memos for each paper.
Videos for every question in every paper with full explanations & alternative methods.
Comment section for each video to ask questions or gain further clarity.
• Current subjects: Mathematics (Grades 10-12) (2020-2023)
• Subjects to be uploaded during 2023: More Maths, Maths Literacy, AP Maths (Grades 10-12).
• Other subjects will be considered for post 2023.

PRICE: R 190 annually (access expires 31 December every year and is renewable annually).

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